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  2009.11.06  17.08
Original Character Writing Samples 2

These are all third person and recent, all writing done by reference non-NPC characters were removed so scenes might appear a little "jumpy". Writing below also has explicit language:

He tossed his head back and felt the warm liquid burn like ice as it slid down his throat. He sat the shot glass down on the bar top with a heavy thump and gave its rim a double tap with his pointer and index fingers. A moment later the large, slightly over weight bar keep waddled over and tipped a few fingers more of the tan alcohol into the glass. He had barely wrapped his fingers around the glass once more when he felt a heavy tap on his shoulder.

He turn half way around on his stool, hand still on the shot glass and gave the burly white man before him a quizzical look. “Can I help you with something?”

“My girl here says you was tryin ta make time with her earlier tonight.” he was apparently attempting to look menacing.

“I was chatting the chit up a bit, yeah. What about it?” Garrick confirmed looking to the girl in question.

“What of it is I'm gonna kick your English ass is what!”

Garrick rolled his eyes and with a whip of his arm he flung the drink contained in the shot glass into the man's face. The man staggered backward with a harsh yell.

“My eyes! I'm gonna fuckin' kill you man!”

Paying no heed to the man's idle threats Garrick launched himself off the stool and swung his fist at the man's face, following the path of the alcohol. As he made contact he call up a flame and grinned in satisfaction as crack of skin on skin was quickly followed by the whoosh of the accelerant on the skin igniting. His assailant flailed and spun around toward his girlfriend who let out a screeching scream.

She was in such a panic that she never noticed that as Garrick pulled her out of harms way he also snatched a few locks of her pretty brown hair. Nor did she hear him whisper 'Seven days bitch' in her petite little ear. With narrowed eyes and a hard set jaw Garrick strode out of the seedy little bar and left the chaos he'd just rendered behind him.

Once out in the parking lot Garrick stood a moment, surveying the scant few vehicles, most of which were motor bikes.

That was not the wisest of actions you know.

"Don't you fuckin' nag me Phren. The wanker was beggin' for it and you know it as well as I do." Garrick still couldn't get over how much his familiar sounded like an American version of Tony Head.

I wasn't implying that he wasn't. I was merely suggesting you could have chosen a far less... obviously supernatural way to 'give it to him' without setting his head on fire in front of at least a dozen onlookers and don't call me Phren.

"A dozen less 'an respectable, mostly piss fuckin' drunk onlookers. Most of whom wouldn't be arsed if their own heads were on fire. Now quit whinging. Which one is it?"

Phrenicos sighed heavily, making sure that Garrick also heard the gesture as he climbed down from the small window on the side of the bar using the small tree that stood in front of it. Moving quickly once on the ground he scuttled over to what appeared to be a completely custom Easyrider street bike and climbed up into it's seat.

"Thank you. I mentioned yet how much I like having you around?" Garrick asked as he scooped Phrenicos up and placed him inside the deep pocket of his brown leather coat before making his way over to his own ride.

Not as such, no.

Swinging his leg over his Triumph, he went through the motions of starting her up. Once the engine was purring under him he rolled the bike slowly to a stop in front of the bike that Phrenicos had indicated. Concentrating on the gas tank Garrick willed sparks and from the sparks willed the fire. He smiled when the fire was burning well and roared away at speed, satisfied that his deed was done.

Garrick could have headed to another bar or club but the incident had spoiled his mood for a night out, and besides, now he had some of that old black magic to work. He smiled to himself as the cool wind blew hard against his bare face. He really should look into getting a pair of riding goggles.

Yes and a helmet would not go amiss either I am sure.

"OY! STAY OUTTA MY HEAD PHRENICOS!" he yelled at the ferret over the sounds of the whipping air.

Sorry. Can't help it. Nature of the beast as it were. the little voice sounded completely amused at its own little pun and Garrick laughed despite himself.

With the way Garrick drove his bike it only took about 15 minutes to get back to the Ad Gustum house. He rode through the gate and up the long drive, veering off where it angled around to the back and then parked the Triumph close to the back door where the employees were expected to enter the building.

"You wanting to hunt or come in with me for the spell?" he asked carefully retrieving Phrenicos from his pocket and setting him to his feet.

The ferret seemed to consider the question for a moment before deciding that he wanted to head out on the hunt.

"I'll leave the window cracked for you." Garrick told him as he watched the red furred form scamper off.

Entering the building Garrick made a b-line for his rooms. He appreciated the "double decker" style that his space had, with his bedroom area residing on the first floor of the mansion and his ritual room in the basement. There was a staircase in his room that allowed his direct access from there but he decided to head straight down and forego a stop in his room. Everything he needed for this was kept in the ritual room anyway.

The doorway to the room didn't have an actual door in the frame, being as it was, situated in the basement Garrick had seen no need for one. The slave cells were down there and they weren't likely to come interrupting him and Garrick liked allowing the free flow of the air, and the sound, it kept the room fresh and him aware of what was going on in the area. He pushed through the heavy red drapes that hung where the door should be and entered the room.

It had taken him a full day to get this room set up exactly the way he wanted it and, as he looked around now, he couldn't have been happier with it. Taking the few moments to gather the supplies he needed for the spell in his mind, he moved to the altar table and began setting it up. He drew the hair he'd taken from the little bimbo at the bar from his jeans pocket and slipped it into the tiny paper envelope and placed it on the table in front of the large black pillar candle and small iron cauldron.

He closed his eyes and after a moment the candle burst to life. He welcomed his element, eyes still closed, and thanked him for coming to partake of his spell. Opening his eyes he picked up the paper envelope.

"Vos cui is does belongmy ira vos have evoked. I dico super vox of vengeance, to peto quod signum vestri fatum somniculosus eatpain in vestri, headpain in vestri, backpain in vestri, pectus pectoris vestri, morbus permaneo pro septem, dies EGO mos sic mote is exsisto."

As he spoke the words of the spell he stuck the edge of the paper into the candle's flame, allowing it to catch and begin to burn well before placing it in the cauldron. Reaching off to the side of the table he lifted the athame found there and brought it to his bare arm, which was positioned over the cauldron. Garrick's eyes fluttered closed as the blade sliced across his upper forearm sending exquisite ripples of pain shooting up and down his spine.

The blood drops formed and fell and the flames flared and sizzled with each one, each flare a different, unnatural color for fire to take. He watched the flames flutter up over the lip of the container, content just to lose himself in the love the fire as he enjoyed the pleasant state of happiness that danced over his skin in tingles from the power of the spell he'd just preformed.


Garrick didn't usually wander out and about during the daylight hours, like his new familiar he was more of a nocturnal creature, but he'd had some errands to run that involved going to places that were only open during "normal" business hours. So it was, that he found himself sitting at a small outdoor table in front of a decent little cafe, enjoying a late lunch and watching the passing people. Garrick's attire definitely stood out from that of the other cafe patrons, his unshaven face and messy hair adding to his not quite homeless chic look and he found himself snarling at a table of older ladies who kept eying him and whispering to each other.

"What the fuck are you bunch of biddies looking at? My clothes cost more 'en what the lot a ya are wearing right now. Bugger off." his statement was probably true, Garrick might like simple unassuming looks but he still like quality.

His attention was distracted from the gaggle of hags when he caught site of sex on legs strutting down the street toward the cafe, dressed in the fiery color she was probably hoping to evoke. When she got closer, she tried to ask on of his bag ladies a question, apparently he'd run them off, good. but the woman was less than receptive. He couldn't help himself and actually snorted and laughed out loud at her reaction to the old woman.

Garrick watched as the lady in red saddled up to his table and he unconsciously licked his lips.

"I don't think she and her biddies approved of my attire." he shrugged. "Probably didn't care for me tellin' like it was either. As for learning to keep their yaps shut, I certainly ain't holdin' my breath."

Garrick paused in his talking long enough to shovel another forkful of salad into his mouth and chew it.

"At least they did as they were told and sodded off." he flicked his fork in the general direction they had all trotted off to.

He was about to say something else, maybe ask her what her name was when the waiter returned to the table carrying the rest of his meal. The steak plate was set carefully before him and he eyed it then nodded his satisfaction to the waiter who glanced at Lexi.

"Will the lady be joining you sir?"

"I'm pretty sure the lady's got a mouth and working vocal cords of her own and she's certainly not wear a collar and lead, so what the fuck you askin' me that question for?" lip curled over a snarl that would have put a were on edge.

"I-- I'm sorry madame," the waiter stuttered as he turned to Lexi with wide eyes. "W--will you be joining the gentleman for lunch?"

"S'on me." Garrick added around a mouthful of steak.

It wasn't often a beautiful woman came up to him of her own volition so he figured he might as well make the most of the opportunity.

The use of the word kindness elicited another snort. The idea of him being kind was highly amusing. That was the last adjective that he, or anyone else who knew him, would have considered using to describe Garrick Blackthorn. He shrugged inwardly, best to let her think what she would than correct her, if this lunch went anywhere she'd figure out the truth for herself soon enough. Garrick chewed down a few more bites of steak and some of his veggies while she looked over the menu.

"So, since I'm buying your lunch, do I get the benefit of knowing your name?" he asked her after gulping down some of his warm Welsh beer.


  2009.11.06  17.07
Original Character writing samples

These are all third person and recent, all writing done by reference non-NPC characters were removed so scenes might appear a little "jumpy". Writing below also has explicit content:

It was Friday night, a show night. Tonight had been spectacular! They had done a new show he called "Anything Goes". It had been a jazz show and Devin was deck out in his zoot suit performance costume as he exited the back stage area with a huge smile plastered across his face. Show night always made Devin happy, almost bubbly.

He performed his normal routine of scanning the crowd as he made his way to the bar. He new that it wouldn't be long before this happy, up energy turned into sex energy and he wanted to scout out potential right away. He was distracted a few times from his goal as patrons came up to him to congratulate him on the new show and tell him how much they loved it and how talented he was. The praise made them welcome distractions.

"Well Zas, what did you think?" he asked his pet bar tender as she sat his drink down on the bar in front of him. She always anticipated him, and his needs, he loved that about her.

"It, and YOU, were great, but you don't need me to tell you that." Zaza flip-waved her hand at him. "What you DO need me to tell you is that your ass looks FAB-U-LOUS in those pants!"

Devin erupted with a belly laugh and leaned over the bar to press a kiss to Zaza's pink, sparkly cheek. Zas playfully batted at his shoulder as he pulled way. "Oh! You monster! Quit that, you'll ruin my make-up!"

With the final gesture of poking out her cute, pink tongue at him she pivoted and with a sway of her hips was off to the other end of the bar to pass out more drinks to the other patrons. Still chuckling a little, Devin took his drink in hand and turn, pressing his back to the bar and leaning his elbows onto it's surface. He was back to scanning the crowd, there were several highly possible targets he'd spotted already.

As he stood there, trying to decide which conquest to pursue, he started to feel his jubilant mood slip away. No, it was still there, but it was being overshadowed, by someone ELSE'S mood. He so hated being an empath at moments like this. Turning his head to take in the other people at the bar, it didn't take him long to spot the culprit. A very pretty young blond, oh why did it always have to be the pretty blonds? The look in his brown eyes made Devin feel like crying.

With a heavy sigh he pushed himself off the bar, took a massive swig from his drink before setting it down and then made his way over to the young man. He stopped directly in front of him, cutting off his gaze on the crowd.

"Oh, sweetie, no, no, no. I can NOT have this in my club. Certainly not on a Friday night!" he reached out, took the beer from the young man's hand and plunked it on the bar. "Your depressed mood is bringing the whole room down!"

He reached out again and took hold of his hand, gently but firmly pulling him off the bar stool and began to move them both toward the dance floor.

"Come on, we'll dance it out!" he called over the music.

The young man stumbled a little before they made it to the floor. Once they got there it was obvious that he was not so much a dancer. It was also adorable, the way he looked up at Devin with questioning was akin to a small child hoping to impress their elder sibling. Devin gave a laughing smile as he moved in closer. He reached out a hand, placing it on a hip and the wrapped himself around the other man. Allowing his hand to slide from hip to stomach as he circled and positioned himself at the man's back.

"Just move with me." he whispered huskily into the other man's ear.

It took only a couple of thumping beats before Devin fell into the rhythm, pressing his body tightly along his partners back in order to guide him along. Hoping to anchor him more fully both to himself and the dance, Devin reached down and pulled the young man's right arm up and placed his hand around the back of his own neck before slowly trailing his fingers back down the arm, over the chest and abs to come to rest on the hips.

He leaned his head down placing his mouth once more at the other man's ear. "Whatever it is, whatever's on your mind, let it go. Just feel the music and let it free you for the night. Everyone needs to be free of their burdens once in a while."

Their movements along with the erotic beat of the club music was powerfully sensual and heady and Devin felt himself falling into that lustful abyss at full tilt. It looked like he had found the night's conquest.

"Mmmm," Devin sounded quietly in agreement, nuzzling in just below Oscar's ear, "it's part of the reason I opened the place."

This moment couldn't get much more perfect, he had beauty wrapped in his embrace, soft and willing and pliable against him and there was sex and music in the air. Devin allowed his eyes to flutter closed, he just wanted to drink it all in, to feel it without distraction. He also felt the tension and sadness in Oscar start to fall away. He began to hum, unconsciously, soft and low, the tone he was emitting was pure sex and lust.

After a moment he could no longer resist the urge and he leaned down once more to lay a soft kiss on Oscar's neck at the jawline. His tongue peaked out to taste the skin it found their. Devin's hum turned to groan for a moment at the hard musky flavor. Although his humming continued Devin knew there was no way Oscar could be missing the other part of the reaction it had caused, press as it was into his lower back. Not that Devin cared, he was simply enjoying himself too much.

The music continued to thrum for a few more minutes, as did their dancing, in which Devin remained nuzzled at Oscar's neck, humming and occasionally placing feather soft kisses at random on his skin. He'd almost forgotten where he was when the music faded out and the sound of the DJ's voice broke through his lust haze as she announced that the all male review would be starting shortly.

Reluctantly Devin stopped their movement, not yet willing to relinquish the embrace.

"Come up to the roof with me." his voice was throaty and his warm breath puffed against Oscar's ear as he spoke.

Not expecting any protest, Devin slowly untangled himself from his prize and made to move away from the dance floor and toward the back where his private elevator was located.

"Oh, that's a surprise." Devin told him as he turned to walk backward so that he could look at Oscar's face. "I can promise, however, that you will love it."

He reached out to pull Oscar to him and tucked him into his side as they passed through the VIP lounge. By the time they got to the little hallway that housed the stairs and elevator Devin was humming again. His fingers danced quickly over the key pad entering in his code to call the elevator then turned to look down at Oscar as they waited for it to arrive.

"So, does my not so sad right now friend have a name, or should I just call you tasty?" Devin asked him with a smirk.

The elevator arrived before he had a chance to answer and Devin pulled him in and pressed the button for the roof.

The chuckle rumbled deep in Devin's chest as he pull Oscar to him and leaned into his ear once more. "Oh trust me Oscar, tasty is a perfect adjective for you."

He felt the familiar sensation under his feet of the elevator car coming to a stop and released the younger man just as the question fell from his lips and the doors slid open. Devin watched Oscar's face light up as he exited and took in the slightly exotic beauty around him. Taking Oscar's first few moments of enjoyment, stepped away and shrugged out of his suit coat. He draped it carefully over one of the lower tables before removing his tie and hat and placing them on top. With quick flips of deft fingers he undid the two top most button of his shirt and moved back to rejoin his guest.

He moved up smoothly behind Oscar and wrapped his arms around his thin waist joining him as he gazed out onto the garden proper. From where they were standing you could hear the sound of running water from the recirculating hot spring wadding pool but nothing else.

"Like it?" he asked honestly wanting to know, this garden was a pride and joy of Devin's so he like to know that other people could love it too. "I picked the trees and plants carefully, you know. Everything is perfectly balanced and the density blocks out nearly all the sounds of the city beyond. It's my own private Eden."

The part he didn't mention was that he just happened to be this Eden's apple giving serpent.

Devin brought one of his hands up from Oscar's waist to cup his lower cheek and jaw.

"Yes, I do." he agreed in a hushed tone as he turned the face up toward him.

Leaning forward over Oscar's shoulder, slowly enough to insure that his intentions were clear, he met the other man's lips with is own. He let his lips brush against the other set softly once, then again, almost teasing them with the promise of something heavier, deeper and more passionate. After a few more light, not quite tentative kisses he allowed his mouth to stay longer, pressed more firmly over the other and opened his lips to send his tongue out to glide over Oscar's.

It seemed to Devin that he had, in fact, been very correct. Tasty was certainly an appropriate adjective to describe the man currently wrapped soundly in his arms. Very tasty indeed. The hand at Oscar's face fell gently to rest at the place where shoulder met neck and Devin's large thumb stroked the skin near the Adam's apple.

There did still seem to be a persistent, nagging tension hanging between them, small though it was, that had nothing to do with Devin. Whatever it was he was determined to bitch slap it right out of his way. The arm still wrapped about Oscar's waist shifted, encouraging him to turn around and into Devin's arms.

Devin's arms wrapped around Oscar's waist again and pulled him closer. So, he had a boyfriend, delicious, definitely drama potential there. At least now he knew what the tension was, which would make that bitch slapping business easier. He went back to kissing Oscar.

"Don't be." he said against his lips between kisses. "Your boyfriend will still be there in the morning, I'm sure. I would be. If he has any sense at all he will be too."

He kisses Oscar more fully, his tongue pushing in to invade his mouth, intent on leaving the young man breathless with desire.

"It's obvious you want this as much as I do." pressed their groins together to emphasize his point. "Maybe it's time you allow yourself to have what YOU want for a change instead of what other people expect."

He kissed him again and then trailed a series of kisses and nibbles across his skin to his neck, where he nipped and nibble and licked and then traveled back again.

Devin emitted a rumbling sound of pleasure as Oscar's tongue swept into his mouth and when he felt the other man trembling he smiled against his lips. Continuing to kiss Oscar he walked them slowly back to the elevator and then onto it once the doors had opened again. They descended a floor and the metal doors opened once more to reveal the hallway entrance to Devin's home.

Breaking them apart only far enough, and long enough, to enter the door code and push open the door, Devin walked them into the garish front room where he resumed his assault on Oscar's mouth. He began to work open the buttons on Oscar's over shirt and as they passed through the doorway from that room into the main hallway leading to Devin's bedroom, said shirt found it's way to the floor. Next he took hold of the tee shirt he'd found underneath and again broken them apart only longer enough to pull it up over the other man's head. It too was dropped unceremoniously to the floor.

Here Devin had to take a quick break from walking in order to push Oscar against the wall and explore the newly uncovered flesh of his chest with teeth, lips and tongue. His mouth would return to Oscar's from time to time and Devin would also take those moments to grind their erections together in the most achingly delightful way.

Devin gave a throaty chuckle and raised his hands to his own chest to assist Oscar with undoing the buttons. Once the buttons were undone he pulled the shirt hems out of his waist band and let it slide from his shoulders and onto the floor.

Divested of his shirt Devin put one of his hands around the back of Oscar's head, fingers curling in his hair and pulled him to his mouth once more. He let his tongue push it's way into the other man's mouth, a little forcefully, as if he were staking a claim there. He didn't let up even as be moved them away from the wall and toward the bedroom once more.

Getting to the bedroom took several more minutes and found the rest of the hallway decorated with bits of clothing in a similar fashion. Getting the other man's boots off had proved uniquely frustrating for Devin as it had eventually meant having to give in an break off all other touching to kneel down and undo them.

By the time the backs of Devin's knees hit the overly large bed the two men were clad in not but their underpants and Devin's black, cotton boxer briefs were steadily getting more and more uncomfortable to his straining manhood. Using his knees to guide him, Devin sat down on the bed and pulled Oscar to him, placing him between his bent knees. He leaned forward and kissed and nipped and licked the skin of the other man's stomach, pushing his underwear down just enough to tease the area just below the front of the hip with his teeth.

Devin nuzzled at the fabric covered crotch and the delightfully musky, yet somehow softly manly scent he found there made him want to do something he very rarely did for anyone. He knew that anyone looking at him right now would be able to read the raw, open desire on his face and he didn't care in the least.

"Want to taste you." he breathed by way of asking, looking up at Oscar who now hovered above him.

Some men, even the ones who were openly gay, were very touchy when it came to oral sex and Devin had learned that it was one of the things that it was best to ask before trying.

He pushed Oscar's boxers down over his hips until they fell of there own accord and pooled at his feet. Leaning back on his elbows for a moment he allowed himself to take in and appreciate the now naked form before him. Oscar was thin and lean but well toned, his pale-peach skin glowing softly in the low light of his bedroom reading lamp.

"Devin approves." he informed Oscar as he pushed himself forward once more.

His lips were on Oscar's skin again, teeth nipping lightly at his now bare hip. He kissed his way across the other man's stomach to his other hip and then started his journey downward. Devin teased him, running the tip of his tongue lightly up his length from base to tip, allowing it to then swirl lazily around the head.

He pulled back just barely, his slightly open mouth hovering millimeters from Oscar's stiffness and paused for a brief moment, glancing up at Oscar's eyes. When he was sure he'd caught the young man's attention he gave him a flash of a wicked grin and then engulfed Oscar's cock with his mouth, taking him in until his nose rustled the course hairs at the base.

He allowed his hands to wander up the backs of Oscar's legs and then settle comfortably, cupped around his rump. His mouth slid slowly upward along the shaft, teeth grazing just a touch every now and again, and then slowly back down. He went on this way for several moments an then began speeding up his movements, adding in rolls and flicks of his tongue.

Perhaps he didn't do this often, but that didn't mean that he wasn't good at it. He meant to show Oscar just how good by bringing his new lover to the very edge of bliss using nothing but his mouth and tongue.

Devin disengaged his mouth from Oscar's member with a loud smacking pop sound, he could tell by the clenching of his body and the tension of his mind that if he didn't, this encounter would be over almost before it began. He couldn't have that. He looked up the the other man as he wrapped one arm further around his hips and sent the other snaking up as far as it could comfortably reach. Once his arms were in position he pulled Oscar down toward him without warning and with skillful movements twist both of them so that he now lay above Oscar on his bed.

He slid his hands out from under the younger man, his skin sliding smoothly across the super soft, golden colored cotton of his bed spread. Placing his now freed hands on either side of Oscar's head he pushed back and allowed his body to roll off and to the side of his lover's body. He took a few moments to lean down and ravish Oscar's mouth with a series of long devastating kisses before resituating himself more fully and comfortably on the bed. Doing so separated him from Oscar and left the other man laying at an odd angle.

Devin reached out his hand and ran it up Oscar's chest. "Come here."

He patted the empty expanse of bed right next to him and waited for the other man to comply. When he did Devin pulled him close but left him laying on his back. Devin himself rolled onto one side and gave his lover his wicked grin again, the race of emotion it had caused the last time needed to be repeated. He reached out this time taking one hand and bringing it up to his ornate wrought iron headboard and wrapping it around one of the open pieces. He then repeated the action with Oscar's other hand.

"Don't move them." he told the weredeer with a note of authority under his lustful tone.

Once it was obvious that Oscar understood the command, Devin allowed his hand to wander, explore the man's body and tickle the man's skin, all the while keeping his eyes on Oscar's face. After a few long moments his hand wandered down to the juncture of Oscar's thighs and took the straining flesh into his fist and began to pump. Hand jobs were usually a great way to tease and build up your partner, and oneself, for an explosive ending. His rhythm was set quickly down slowly in a straight line and then up more quickly with a twist of his wrist at the head before sending it back down again.

Anytime Oscar's arms flexed in a way that looked as if he were going to release his grip on the headboard he would let go of the pulsing cock and give the man's nipples a flick. It had been a long time since one of his encounters had been this good and he wasn't in a rush to see it end, but the sounds Oscar was making were driving his slowly insane and he didn't know for sure which of them was going to break first.

"Talk to me Oscar." He purred, voice low and throat dry. "Tell me how it feels. Do you want to touch me? Tell me what you want. Beg me to give you what you need."


This little diner was one of Devin's favorite spots in town. Most people would just walk right by it, calling it a 'greasy spoon', but those people would never know the delight of the wonderful food he'd found here. Devin had just turned away from the counter, his tray and meal in hand, taking barely two steps when he was crashed into. The force of the collision shoved the tray into Devin's chest and set him back a half a step.

Devin looked down, mouth open wide in a horrified expression as he pulled the tray away from his chest and saw the state of his >favorite summer sweater. The soft pink fabric was marred from neck to navel with iced chocolate coffee, bits of smeared chocolate layer cake and the special sauce from his burger. He guessed he should be glad he'd not gotten any ketchup yet. Looking at it he was certain it would never be cleaned completely and the thought made him want to cry, it had been a gift from Zas to celebrate the Club's fifth anniversary almost five years ago and was irreplaceable.

The sound of the dishes, that had at one time been found under the food now residing all over his person, hitting the floor drew his attention and his eyes fell to them as they clanked to stillness at the feet across from his own. Devin followed the feet to the legs and then followed those upward until he was looking into the face of the man who had ruined his shirt, and probably his day, which had started off so very well.

Unable to form words, Devin simply gaped at the blond in hopes that his power of speech would soon return to him.


"SUDS! Honestly, you're a goddamn tragedy! This is, hands down, the worst impression of a cocktail I have ever encounter and I've had drinks mix by half blind nuns with Alzheimer's who mistook turpentine for vodka! Do me a favor, sling the beer, the straight, no frills drinks but leave the cocktails to Zas! If I get one more complaint about you tonight I'm coming over that bar top and wringing your lovable little neck!" It was not often that Devin yelled out of anger or annoyance but holy thunder this was the sixth time tonight that someone's drink had been so bad that they had deemed it necessary to search out the club owner to let him know. "Zas, get this beautiful young lady another drink and make sure her next is on the house."

Zaza gave a quick nod and shot a look at Suds before leaning over the bar to find out that the girl's drink had been. For his part in the matter poor Suds looked horrified, making it very obvious that he wished nothing more at that moment than to have the power to shrink his six foot frame into nothingness and disappear. Devin gave Suds the international sign for 'I'm watching you' before heading back out to his general rounds of meet and greets, hopefully the night would get better.

Devin gave the pretty woman standing in front of him a smile and a nod, only vaguely listening to whatever it was that she was rambling on about. He knew she was flirting with him, he didn't have to be an empath to know that. He simply wasn't interested in bedding a girl tonight and if he had been it certainly wouldn't be her. He caught a glimpse of someone out of the corner of his eye. Someone who looked very familiar.

He excused himself from chatty Kathy's presence with a squeeze of the shoulder and stepped past her. Walking up to the very beautiful Asian woman who had caught his eye moments before. He flashed her a brilliant half smile, half smirk.

"Excuse me, but don't I recognize you from somewhere?" he knew who she was of course, hers was not a face that one forgot, especially not when that face was scattered in dozens of the magazines one read religiously.

Devin gave her a smile and nod of recognition. "Ah! That's it! I adore your editorial shoots. You are simply divine!"

Being a great reader of people Devin knew how to handle the likes of a reported-- divaesque supermodel. Difficult people did not bother or intimidate him in the least. He knew that having her visit his club would up it's reputation even further, so it was important to keep her, and her ilk happy when they ventured inside.

"Now, first thing we must do is get you to the VIP lounge and get you a drink. Then you simply MUST tell me all about what has brought you to our sleepy little city and into humble little Club Out." he told her, sliding one hand to the small of her back and guiding her toward the Lounge.

As usual the staff at the lounge entrance ushered the line of people trying to get in to the side when they saw Devin approaching and let him pass without a word. He lead her to his favorite table, took her hand to steady her as she sat down and then sat across from her. His bottom had barely met the seat when Alice hustled over to take their drink order.

"Make sure Zas makes our drinks. I'll have the usual and Ms. Akuno will have..." he trailed off and looked toward Kikuya for her input.


It was beautiful here, with it's lakeside beach framed by trees and white capped mountains on the horizon. It was one of Devin's favorite places outside of the club and it was a place he like to go, especially on days when few other people who be around, to practice. Here he could unleash the full potential of his abilities without having to worry about making somebody's head explode. Exploding heads were difficult to explain and left such a mess on the carpet. It was best to avoid them when at all possible. He found that even on warm, sunny days there was usually not a soul about on weekdays before two or three o'clock.

That's how he found it now, utterly deserted save for am older couple who were making their way toward the woods, doubtless for a hike. Devin took a deep breath, pulling in an savoring the fresh, clean air and smiled as he stretched his arms upward over his head. He kicked off his boat shoes, dropped his jacket on top of them and wandered down to the edge of the water, not really caring the the hems of his jeans were getting wet as the small waves lapped at his bare feet.

He took a moment to take in and enjoy the beauty around him, allowing the peace of the place to settle over him. With a calm serenity hugging his features he opened his mouth and broke into song.

The tune he sang had no words, no lyrics, it was more like some type of complex, operatic version of scales, but Devin didn't need words to convey emotion, to fill his voice with passion or anger or sorrow. Today he chose sorrow, it was an emotion he rarely had need for, but it was a gorgeous one and deserved to be experienced from time to time. So he sang and his voice was, as always, loud and strong and painfully beautiful and anyone who heard it would have fallen to their knees and wept at the sound.

Out on the water something large, dark and shiny broke the surface but his song did not falter. He simply pushed on, watching as the broken surface wrabbled and calmed.

Devin took lazy, careless steps through the water as he slowly moved down the beach, occasionally going farther out, allowing the water to get shin deep before wandering back. His song continued as he went. He was so intent on his song that it actually took a few moments for him to notice the secondary emotion pushing into his mind and then suddenly, he knew he was no longer alone. He knew that someone was watching him, overcome with curiosity, from some location as yet unknown. Now that he felt it and could focus on it, he also knew that whoever it was, they weren't strictly human.

Instead of stopping his song he allowed it to slowly morph into something else, something mysterious and slightly erratic yet still eerily beautiful. He was hoping to drive the curiosity, make the pull of it too strong to ignore, forcing the being to come out of hiding. It wasn't often that Devin was offered the chance to truly challenge his abilities and so he took this one firmly in hand.

Devin had slowed his pace and then stopped altogether, still singing his song, still trying to draw his watcher out from hiding. It didn't take too long before it worked, even if it wasn't in the way he had thought for suddenly rising from somewhere out in the water, from the depths of the lake itself came an answering song. Different yet the same. A mermaid? Devin thought to himself with a bit of surprise. He had honestly thought them to be a myth. Although, now that he stopped to consider it that seemed like a very silly thing for the son of a siren to believe.

He was amused now, it seemed this mermaid was trying to catch Devin at his own game. Trying to compel him to come out into the water. He smiled around his song. Then his song began to take the shape of words, formed quickly by Devin's mind and molded softly by his voice. Given force and power enough to carry them out over the lake and into the waters.

%Your song it sings so sweetly
calls out for me to come
but friend it meets mine meekly
for I am a siren's son%

%La da-da-da La-da-da
La da da da dum%

%While there are things that compel me
the song that you sing is not one
yes I can appreciate it's beauty
but I am a siren's son%

%La da-da-da La-da-da
La da da da dum%

%So friend if you'd like to meet me
up onto land you must come
for I can not be trick so easily
for I am a siren's son%

The words then melted back into the nothingness from whence they came as his song went back to being what it had been before lyric less, pure emotion, the difference now was that the emotion it gave life to was amusement and happiness. To prove his point a little stronger Devin moved away from the water's edge as he continued to sing.

When the Mermaid... no, not maid, man... when the merman's head broke the surface Devin allowed his song to trail away. He was bubbling now with barely concealed excitement. He was looking at an actual, real-life merman. A rather pretty merman at that. He raised his hand and gave the creature a wave of acknowledgment. The being swam a little closer and Devin could clearly see the gill slits at the side of his neck and the opalescent black sheen of his skin.

"Beautiful." he breathed out quietly to himself.

Then came the song-speak, at least that's what it was to Devin. Even though it carried no real human words Devin just seemed to know what was being said. He smiled and nodded.

"Alright, I get it." he said with plain words now, assuming he was being understood. "I'll meet you half way then shall I?"

He stripped off his tee shirt and jeans allowing them to drop haphazardly unto the beach and leaving him clad in not but his brick red boxer briefs. Devin was vaguely aware that most people would feel slightly awkward in such a situation, but luckily he'd never had issues with the way he looked, either clothed or naked. He knew he looked good and that was all there was to it.

He made his way into the water at a normal pace. The water felt cool as it pooled around his knees and thighs and he was suddenly glad that it was a lovely July day when he'd met his merman and not mid-December. He continued forward until the water level hit is navel and then stopped, letting his hands dance over the surface of the slightly murky lake. It wouldn't due to be too stupid about this whole thing. It was smarter to stay at a level where he would have at least a fighting chance should the merman's intentions be less than honorable.

Letting enough time pass to make it clear that he would go no deeper Devin smiled at his companion.

"There, we should do this properly now." he paused a moment. "Hello, my name is Devin and it is a distinct pleasure to meet you."

Devin found himself leaning backward out of the surprise of having his new little friend suddenly so close to him. The first thing that Devin notice was that even close up, and even though it was different, the face he was looking at was very beautiful, and very human. Excepting for those gill slits a person would assume him to be a human. The second thing he notice was the tail. I mean, he has a tail, like a fish. Devin blinked at it for a moment before he was distracted by being waved at.

Devin's eyes got slightly larger for a moment, and his muscles tensed a little upon seeing the-- hand. It was a bit more like a clawed frogs foot than a hand really, but the look of it wasn't what bothered Devin. At least not in that it was different, it was that it look like it could cause some pretty extensive damage to a human body if it wanted to.

He internally stepped back from the edge that he'd been placed on when the Wynne "spoke" to him. He was relieved to see that, at least for now, conversation was what he seemed to want.

"Wynne it is then." He smiled and gave a nod of his head then looked slightly perplexed. "My song-- Oh, you mean language. We call this, the words that I am saying to you, and the manner in which I am saying them now, language. What I was doing before, with the singing, is what we called song. Unfortunately, most of my race don't really speak the language of song."

Devin looked down on Wynne from the corner of his eyes, without turning his head, with a wary look as the merman leaned in and sniffed him. Well THAT'S was weird and disconcerting. He felt distinctly like a side of beef at that moment. Grade A, choice-quality beef, but beef nonetheless.

The moment passed and Devin found himself chuckling a little. "Yeah, broken. I agree, most people have forgotten that words have meaning beyond just the sounds they make."

He considered his own words for a moment. They were true, at least in his own mind and he must admit to being one of those people, he occasionally forgets that fact as well. He was drawn out of his thoughts as Wynne continued to speak his somewhat rambled version of English.

"That's what it says on the package." he responded, then paused and considered that Wynne probably wouldn't understand that turn of phrase. "Which is to say, yes, my mother was a siren. As to knowing about them, I'm afraid I can't help you there. I've never met my mother so everything I know about them comes from books, myths and my somewhat less than reliable father."

He considered for a moment. "I don't see why they're couldn't be some in the area though." He shrugged.

"You know, I have read some sources that say the Sirens are related to merfolk in some way. If that's true you and I would be, like, distant cousins or some such thing."

"Oh the future and the now are the living, active things, sure, but the past-- the past is important too, maybe even a little more so. Without knowing and recognizing where we've been and come from, past mistakes we've made both as individuals and as a species, how can we expect to evolve and grow. Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it and all that."

Devin followed suit and allowed himself to fall backward softly into the water, taking a moment to get in the proper position to float there on it's surface. He turned his head slightly to look a Wynne, giving him a huge, genuine smile for the complement.

"Thank you." he said before turning his face back up to the sky and watching the clouds roll lazily past.

"Who am I?" he paused a moment to contemplate the question. "I guess I am what I am."

He bit his lip to keep from laughing at his own silliness at his sudden desire to burst out into show tunes. He composed himself and considered what he would tell his new friend. For some reason he felt like he actually wanted to share his story, honestly, with him. He wasn't sure why, but he knew it wasn't from being compelled by anything other than his own personal feelings and desires to do so. So that's just what he did.

Devin was quite enjoying himself. It was oddly comfortable to talk with this merman and he felt no uneasiness at tell him his story. Even Zaza didn't know his history when it came to his real father and mother, or his grandfather and Zas was the one person he honestly loved and trusted. He wondered what that meant. At this point, his story done, he lay there in the water, arms out wide at his sides, just floating.

"Well, like most nightclubs it's a place human go to have fun. There is singing and dancing and drinking. It's a place to go to meet people and hang out. I don't know if you'd like it or not but you should stop by some time-- I'm assuming you can... form legs, or something, to come onto land-- anyway it would be a new and interesting experience for you I'm sure." he gave Wynne another smile. "Besides, now you know the owner so there's a bonus right there."

Devin let his legs dropped and sink, his feet once again touching the lake bottom. He kept his knees bent, putting himself in a sort of sitting position, to keep the majority of his upper body under the water. He suddenly felt the need to be facing Wynne. He held up his open hands in front of his chest, in a gesture similar to that of surrender.

"No need for the voice magic. I understand completely." He told Wynne honestly. "I know the importance of keeping the fact that you're-- different a secret. As far as I know, other than my father, you're the only one to know what I really am. Besides it's not my place to out someone else. If you decide to stop in you'll just be my friend Wynne."

Devin had been about to make a comment about the time and that it meant he needed to head back to town and back to his club when Wynne seemed to go slightly hysterical for a moment and then dove away. Eyebrows coming together, Devin shrugged and made his way out of the water. Between the distance and the odd dark, not dark of the ending day he couldn't see Wynne's activities down the beach. He was just about to start gathering up his clothes when the sound of running feet caused him to look up.

His eyes widened a bit at the sight before him, not so much that it was a naked man, no that he'd seen plenty of time and didn't really bother him in the least. It was the fact that before him stood, yes stood on human legs, his merman friend. Devin took note of the fact that, even in this human shape there was still something otherworldly about the man. He knew that, had he not been privy to the fact that Wynne was merfolk he himself would not have been able to pinpoint what it was, but still one definitely got "different" from Wynne's presence.

Taking notice of the gestures being thrown his way, Devin made a face of recognition and then nodded. "You can't speak when you're out of the water, in human form."

Devin paused a moment to consider what this all meant. "So I take it you want to come to town with me? If that's the case, We'll need to get you some clothes, pants at the very least. Follow me."

Grabbing his own clothes and shoes, Devin lead the way up the beach and to the parking lot where his car sat waiting. Popping open the trunk he fished out two towels and tossed one to Wynne. Devin always kept extra clothing in his car, one never knew when it might be needed. He took a moment to look through what he had and decided to pull out a pair of his older jeans and a plain black tee shirt. He also opened up the fresh package of boxer briefs he'd been surprised but glad to find hiding in his trunk. He had the whole stack to Wynne.

"Here, the pants will probably be a little big, but it'll do until we can get you something else."

After drying himself off to his satisfaction and slipping on a fresh pair of underpants himself, Devin redressed and tossed the towels back in and shut the trunk. Walking around to the passenger's side he opened the door for Wynne and indicated that he should hope in.

He waited for the other man to get in the car before rounding the front and getting in himself.

"Make sure you do up your seat belt." Devin said, demonstrating how that worked. "I tend to drive a little-- fast."

Once both occupants were all set the engine roared to life and Devin pulled the Maserati out of the lot and onto the road where they zoomed along, only slightly wildly, toward town.


Devin rolled over onto his back and stretched his arms up over his head with a massive yawn, his eyes still closed. Why ever was he awake and what was that horrid noise? He crack one eye open and looked toward the offending sound. There, next to him on the bed, sprawled out on his stomach nearly spread eagle with the bed sheets tangled around one knee was last night's conquest. Jason, was that his name, lay with one side of his face smooched again the pillows, mouth slightly open, drooling and omitting a sound akin to an off kilter washing machine.

Devin's upper lip curled up in a look of half disgusted, half annoyance as he turned his head away to look up at the ceiling, then toward the clock on the bedside table. Justin, or whatever his name was, was decidedly less attractive the morning after. He hated that. Why couldn't some of them be just as pretty when the daylight came, like he was. It was pretty rude actually. Rolling his eyes Devin, with his usual grace, slid his naked body from the bed and strode toward the bathroom.

Half an hour later he reemerged looking once more fit for human consumption, even if he was wearing nothing but a towel, and found Jessie, did it even start with a "J" at all, sitting up with his back against the headboard, looking at him like some kind of smug feline.

"Morning tiger." what's his name purred out.

Devin snickered in his throat and brought up his hand, pressing the first three fingers flat against his lips in order to keep from laughing out loud.

"I'm going to pretend you didn't just say that and save you some bit of dignity." he tossed over his shoulder as he wandered into his large walk-in closet.

When he came back out, fully dress and ready to head down to the club for rehearsals and paperwork his "guest" was still there, still sitting on the bed, this time half dress and dangling his legs over the edge as he pulled his shirt on. When he saw Devin come back out he stood and moved toward him with what Devin imagined was meant to be a sexy look on his face.

"So what..." he began when Devin cut him off.

"Why are you still here?" Devin asked shortly, raising his eyebrows as if waiting for a mentally slow person to solve a math proof.

The young man open and closed his mouth several times before seeming to take the hint, grabbing his shoes and beating a hasty retreat. With a heavy sigh Devin slid on his shoes and followed in the other man's wake. It was time to start the day.


Many hours later found Devin on the stage in the middle of his club introducing the MC for the night's Drag show. With a huge grin and a flirty wink to the young blond in the front row Devin handed off the microphone and stepped down off the stage.

As he made his way over toward the main bar, he gave a few of his regulars smiling nods of recognition, they always love that sort of thing, while scanning the place for anyone new and interesting. So far, judging by the crowd, it was the standard Thursday night fair. Not that his standard crowd didn't please him, he was just hoping for a little something more tonight. Especially after the morning's events.

Speaking of the morning's events, Devin suddenly found himself looking at an oncoming train in human form. There between himself and his destination, and moving toward him looking both determined and slightly drunk was Mr. Jawhosit. Executing a graceful 90 degree spin turn Devin locked eyes with the first man he saw. A tall, well toned beauty with caramel skin and olive colored eyes who blinked and gave him a quizzical smile. In any other situation Devin's goal with this man would be very, very different but, for now he was a tool.

As he moved in close to the man he began to sing, low, forceful, his eyes never leaving his prey's.

%Someone else's eyes
someone else's arms%

The other man's body relaxed then stiffened, eyes glazed over as Devin's song continued and he moved closer.

%Someone else's obvious moves
I'm a jealous guy
I hear people talk%

Devin raised a hand and ran it upward over the man's muscled chest and leaned in mouth dangerously close to his ear. The warm velvet tones of his voice wrapping around the man's brain and skinning in to the bone.

%And it isn't hard to believe%

Devin, his hand still trailing the man's chest, circled around behind as he finished his verse so that the eyes of his prey would meet the face of his target.

%I think you cheated on me%

His big bowl of caramel delight surged forward, filled to the brim with the syrupy delicious jealousy and anger poured over him by Devin's skilled voice. Devin beat a hasty, yet inconspicuous retreat to the bar, grabbing a seat on a stool and turning slightly sideways to watch his work.

"YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" was all captain yummy yelled before sending a fist into "Jay's" jaw, sending him flailing backward and fighting to keep his feet.

"Jay" barely had time to leap onto his assailant before Devin's security staff were upon them both and showing them to the door. With a wicked grin at the scene coming to an end mere feet from him he turned to the bartender.

"Some people simply can not hold their alcohol. Speaking of, I think I'll have a nice sea breeze tonight."

"You're a life saver." Devin told his bartender as he took the drink and pulled a sip from over the rim of the glass.

He looked back up at her in surprise, his eyes twinkling slightly.

"Oh, you've been practicing!" she smiled at him and winked as she moved down the bar to pass someone a beer, "Minx!"

Drink now firmly in his hand he shifted in his seat so that his back was rested against the bar, one arm draped over it, and went back to scanning the crowd.

The drag show was in full swing, the cast were all performing a dance number and the people at the stage area were whistling and catcalling. The people who weren't really watching the show were grooving away on the outer parts of the dance floor. Add that to the fact that he'd already been able to avoid a scene involving himself and cause a little trouble and all in all it was a good Thursday night.

Devin smiled and brought his drink to his lips once more as he continued to scan. His drink paused centimeters from his mouth as he returned his eyes toward the entrance. There towering about the masses, looking slightly awkward but curious, was what Devin could only describe as a dark-haired Adonis.

He'd never seen anyone quite like him and even from this distance Devin could feel the supernatural power throbbing within. It was a very heady experience. He must have him. Pulling in a long breath through his nose, he straightened, turned back to the bar and found his bartender there, knowing smirk on her face, holding out a long-necked Rolling Rock.

"Remind me to give you a raise." he told her as he took the offered beer and stood.

"Go get 'em tiger." she chirped back.

Devin made his way fairly quickly to his target, it helped that most of the people in the club new who he was and made room for him to pass, minimizing his need to bob and weave. He slid up in front of his beautiful giant and gave him his best, most sensual smile.

"You look like you could use this." he said up to the man, raising his voice above the music and holding out the bottle.

Devin watched watched with thinly veiled amusement as the offered bottle was taken and slowly inspected with a hardy sniff. It was clear to Devin, even without the use of his abilities, that the man before him was not only very new to Club Out but also to the concept of nightclubs in general. That would certainly make things far more interesting.

"It's beer." he told him gesturing to the bottle. "Wheat and hops mostly. Not a big fan myself but that particular brand is tolerable enough and I just pegged you as a beer man."

He watched as yet another club kid ran into the tower of tasty while trying to get to the dance floor.

"Let's move some place less high traffic and a little quieter shall we?" the question was mostly rhetorical since along with his gesture toward the back, VIP lounge area was quickly followed up with his movement in that direction.

He didn't looked back, he was quite confident that tall, supernatural and handsome was following along as he lead the way. His VIP area attendant, who was in the process of explaining to some random person why he didn't qualify for the lounge area used a massive arm to sweep said random person out of the way so that Devin and his companion could glide by.

"Why does HE get to go back?!" came the voice of random man.

"Because HE owns the place." was the matter of fact answer.

Devin snickered and then made his way to his favorite seating area in the lounge. It was considerably less booming back here. The VIP lounge was situated behind the stage, which was smack in the middle of the club and was built so that performances could be done all the way around it. You could still here the music but you didn't have to raise your voice in order to speak to the person, or persons, sitting with you.

Devin languidly draped himself over the low, red velvet covered table like sofa bench, leaning back onto one arm, legs half on and half off the surface and patted the empty area next to him. The bench was large enough to hold 3 or 4 grown men easily and was scattered with small stacks of plush pillows.

"There, that's better." Devin crossed one leg over the other and smiled upward. "Now we can actually hold a conversation. I'm Devin, Devin Cambion. Lord and Master of all you currently survey."

Devin gestured with his free hand in a wide flourish meant to encompass the whole of the Club's building and grinned. "And you are?"

Devin's smile fell at the corners of his mouth a bit as he found himself staring into the fathomless pools of Krist's eyes. It took him a moment to realize the tingle he was feeling up his spine was that of being slightly unnerved. Well, THAT was new. Interesting.

He found himself relieved when Kirst adjusted his hair, breaking their eye contact. His mouth felt dry. He turned and spotted a waitress and beckoned her over with a backward nod of his head.

"Hey boss, what'll ya have?"

"Mmmm, how about a screaming orgasm, I'm feeling wild tonight." he made his shoulders and chest give a mock shiver on the word wild for emphasis.

The waitress walked away giggling like a school girl and Devin turned back to his special guest with a slight roll of eyes.

"Honestly I have no idea how she ended up working in this bar. I'm fairly certain if she ever actually SAW a penis she'd faint like a tight corseted Victorian." he laughed at his own joke.

"So, Krist, interesting name by the way. I know you've never been in the club before, you I would most certainly remember, so tell me what brought you in tonight? Love, lust or boredom?" his smile was back as was the twinkle in his slate blue eyes.

Not only was Devin an empath, making him a good reader of emotions, but he was also a great reader of people. Their body language and mannerisms could tell you a lot about a person, if you cared to make a study of them. Devin most certainly did. To him it only made sense that he would. Learning such things could only aid and enhance his other abilities after all.

He watched Krist closely as they sat there, the way he held himself, the way he held his beer, the way he sniffed at it... probably a were. Devin thought to himself and he couldn't help but wonder what kind. Krist was looking into his eyes again and this time Devin was prepared, no odd tingles up his spine this time, just the normal sexy ones. The way he answered Devin's question, as if hoping he'd giving the correct answer, struck Devin as highly amusing. This one could be more than just a night of wacky, lusty fun. He could be someone for Devin to mold and shape to please his own needs and vanity. Now he just had to come up with a way to keep him coming back.

"You are priceless!" He gave another hardy laugh at Krist's question and reached over to give the man's thigh a quick, friendly pat and squeeze. "I'm always here. This club is my baby. I quite literally LIVE here"

He hitched his thumb upward a couple of times, indicating that his home was somewhere on the upper floors. He took a swig of his drink and made a sour face as he swallowed it. He took a moment away from the conversation in order to flag the waitress down again.

"Sweetheart could you please tell Suds that this," he plunked the offending drink down on to her tray, "is decidedly NOT a screaming orgasm. It made me want to scream, yes, but not from pleasure. Have Zaza remake it and bring another beer for my friend too."

The waitress nodded vigorously and scurried off. Devin turned back to Krist with a shake of his head and a slight pout. He loved his pout. His pout was, in his opinion, very sexy.

"I'm sorry about that, but that drink was dreadful." he decided to test the prude meter of his new friend with his next words. "It was a bit like being bottom and going bareback without lube."

He allowed his pout to morph into a sexy smirk before continuing.

"Now, since I haven't seen you here before I simply MUST assume that you're new in town, otherwise we would have met ages ago. Am I right?"

Devin ran his tongue over his bottom lip as he looked into the face that was suddenly so close to his own, all he could think about was kissing and then Krist was speaking again. Devin snorted, trying very hard not to laugh all over Krist's face. "Yeah... something like that. Only not so much equestrian in nature as sexual."

Devin's eyes trailed down away from Krist's and moved to the man's lips before working their way back. He smiled slightly at the corner of his mouth and leaned in a little farther, giving Krist a chance to pull away. He might use his powers to influence but he wasn't a rapist after all.

"One beer and one screaming orgasm." Alice's voice broke the moment and Devin pulled away in order to take the offered drinks, passing the beer to Krist. "And Zaza wants to know why he... she...she's REMAKING your drinks instead of making them."

"You can tell Zas it will never happen again and that she can expect something pink and frilly as reparation for my horrible crime." that sent Alice to giggles again.

After a moment Alice was on her way back over to Zaza to relay the message and Devin was once more looking at Krist. He was a little put out by the interruption as he was absolutely sure that he'd been about to partake in one hell of a kiss. Making a decision to cut out any more possible interruptions Devin uncrossed his legs and pushed himself up from the bench. With his drink held firmly in one hand he held out the other to Krist with a smile.

"Come with me. I'll show you the best part of the place."

He drew his new friend along with him farther back into the club. They walked past the point where the club proper ended and through a doorway that lead to the stairwell and the sliding metal doors of the elevator. Devin relinquished Krist's hand so that he could enter in the security code that would call the elevator to them.

"I hope you're not uneasy in small enclosed spaces." Devin commented as the doors slid open revealing the elevator car.

Devin stepped into the elevator and hit the button for the roof. The doors slid closed behind Krist and the journey up was pretty quick, lasting barely a minute.

When the door opened again he stepped out into the bold blue of his garden terrace, the colors of which were slightly muted, but not lost, by the soft almost candle lit glow of the outdoor lighting.

"Welcome to my haven." Devin declared throwing his arms wide and turning a circle in place. "My oasis of peace and beauty, right smack in the middle of the big bad city."

"Thank you. I took great care and pains when putting this place together, I wanted it to be perfect. I think it comes pretty damn close to being just that." Devin said with a smile.

Setting his drink down on one of the low tables Devin plopped himself down onto the plump seating mat in front of it, facing the wall. He stretched himself out across it on his side, using the sturdy roll pillow and his elbow for support. Looking up to Krist he continued to smile.

"Here, sit, talk to me." he indicated the mat on the opposite side of the table. "Tell me about yourself, what do you do? Why don't you come into town? And most importantly, where in the world have you been all my life?"

Devin felt the flicker of an emotion-- was that sadness, regret...fear? as it crossed through Krist's mind at the mention of the farm he apparently grew up on. Interesting, Devin decided to push, just a little, at the matter, at least to see if he could figure out what that fleeting emotion had been.

"Well, I'm very glad you can come out whenever you like now. That is certainly a nice things." he smiled before pressing on. "A farm you say? Well, that certainly explains the general strapingness of you doesn't it? So, you say taken away, that's an interesting choice of words, I was taken away from my father at a very young age myself. Mine was a lowlife criminal what was yours?"

"No father? You mean you were placed with a family that didn't have an adult male around?" Devin's eye brows drew together as he considered this. "That's odd. Family services hates single parents and same sex couples equally."

Devin sat up moving his legs into an Indian style position then reached out and took up his glass from the table. Placing the cool surface to his lips, he tipped it back and drew in some of the liquid contained within. MmmmmmmM! Now THAT is a screaming orgasm. he thought to himself as he set the glass back down. He looked back at Krist.

"So, where is your family now then?" he paused "And what do YOU do? For some reason I can't help but think you work in construction."

Devin smirked at the thought and mental images it provoked.

A few years ago? Devin looked at Krist in confusion at that statement. Surely the man was older than that and he did not come off as "special" at least not in the way that would have a grown man under the care and supervision of other adults. The uncomfortableness was coming off of Krist in waves at that moment and Devin decided to let that line of questioning slide to the side for now.

"Nothing? No job?" another oddity for what Devin had assumed was a very capable man. "Don't you need to work?"

Devin chuckled loudly again and shook his head with a smile. Blue met blue as he looked up into Krists eyes. "Yes, if you need to pay rent, or want to do anything else in this world that needs money, having is job is how most people go about getting that money."

Devin had no idea what planet this man sitting before him was from or how he could possible not know about jobs and money and other things of that nature, but he figured that eventually he would find out. Right now though he was seeing his opportunity to keep the man around, at least for a while.

"So, if you don't have a job," he paused as if considering something for a moment, "then maybe you'd like one? I don't really know what you can do, but I could always use an extra hand on my maintenance staff. It's mostly fixing simple things and cleaning up the place, nothing too exciting, but I pay well and there could be certain-- other benefits as well."

He gave Krist a suggestive little wink as he brought his drink up to his lips again.

"So, what do you say? Should I put you on my payroll?"


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Jack Harkness Writing samples

((Anything in italics was written by other people playing another character))

He had known she was going to run into him, he’d seen it coming, and yet he hadn’t moved himself to avoid her, even though his wet and now slightly singed lower abdomen wished he had. The opportunity had just been too perfect to pass up. He had watched as her red hair flounced up and down around her shoulders as she scurried around the people on the crowded sidewalk, a stack of files and paperwork gripped tightly to her chest and a paper cup hanging precariously from her teeth.

She was just steps from him when a tall man in a stark black suit brushed past her, jostling her arm and she tilted right, over corrected and slammed forward. Right into his chest. She let out a surprised yap, the cup falling from her lips, dumping the hot liquid over his shirt and coming to rest under foot. Jack raised his arms, wrapping them around her, to steady her before she could bounce backward and into someone else.

He nearly laughed as she stared up at him with wide green eyes and tried to find her words of apology. Instead he just flashed her a blinding smile, his hands moving to cup her upper arms for a brief, reassuring squeeze.

“It’s alright.” He told her, smile still firmly in place, “Its only coffee, no harm done.”

She merely continued to stare at him like a deer caught in the headlights for a moment before giving a meek smile and questioning whether or not he was certain.

“Yeah, my dry cleaner thanks you. I haven’t been giving him nearly enough business lately.” He chuckled, he could almost hear Ianto’s insistence that he wasn’t nearly as funny as he thought he was. “Are you alright?”

She nodded quickly and twisted her at wrist awkward angles, trying to see the time while not displacing the files in her arms.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Jack apologized and step aside, “I should let you get going, looks like you might be in a hurry. Have a nice day.”

She thanked him and apologized again for the coffee and then shuffled off down the sidewalk. His grin grew impossibly large across his face as he walked away in the opposite direction, the tails of his greatcoat flaring out in his wake. He reached up to the blue-toothed com in his ear and tapped it on.

“Toshiko, the tag is live. Let me know when you have a fixed location, I need to change my shirt.”


Jack's brain figured out what was happening too late. He stumbled slightly as John pushed him backwards, he felt the sharp burn as the piece of metal ripped through the skin on his back, through his insides and out his chest at the sternum. He heard the scream before he realized it was his own. He could taste the copper as his throat filled with his own blood, spilling over his lower lips and down his chin.

His hand slackened on the canister and it dropped to the floor. Vaguely, he looked down toward it but was stopped by the vision of the blood covered pole jutting rudely from his body. The shadows moved across his eyes as John moved toward him to, Jack assumed, grab the canister but he couldn't concentrate. He was fading fast. The shadows were settling in over his eyes and everything was fading to black. He was certain that he felt John searching his body for something but he couldn't make his brain focus. His last thought just before everything went black once more was that he hoped someone would find him and remove him from this pole before he came back, it would really suck to have to die by pole twice in a row.


Jack gave a chuckle and looked over a John as they walked along, side by side, down the Cardiff street. His eyes scanned over the man's face. He was focused on little more than his current agenda of diamonds and even though it wasn't written on his face Jack knew that he didn't really care who might get hurt in that quest.

Was it really that long ago that Jack himself was a mirror image of the man beside him? With another small laugh and a rueful grin Jack shook his head. Yes, it really was that long. Many, many lifetimes ago. Many deaths ago. He guessed it really was true that death could teach you so many things. Especially when the death was your own.

"Happy. Yeah. Yeah I am." his eyes scanned the surrounding area, taking in all the beauty hidden out of sight and shook his head again, "This planet is full of energy and potential and beauty and all the things that you've still not learned to appreciate. It's also full of people. They are what really make this planet worth more than even you could imagine."

Jack brought his eyes back to John and the look covering the man's features made him laugh in earnest.

"Not that I would expect you to understand. Come on, this way." He added as he cut a right down an ally way.

"Like I want to understand." John mumbled as he moved to follow Jack down the alley way.

After walking for several more minutes Jack stopped in front of a fairly common looking door, took a moment to look up at the numbers above it and then proceeded to kick in the door.

"That's subtle, nobody'll notice that" John quipped sarcastically.

"This door isn't alarmed." was Jack's explanation, "Now let's find your little prize and be on our way."

Jack stood to the side of the door and waved his arm in an exaggerated gesture that signaled that John should go ahead and enter the building. John stared at him for a moment before shaking his head and walking through the doorway with Jack hard at his heels.


"I haven't answered you because I don't owe you an explanation. You're the one who showed up on MY doorstep asking for help remember. I'm giving you that help even though you lied to me and attempted to cause bodily harm to my bo..." Jack took pause, did he really almost call Ianto his boyfriend? " staff. Only the people I trust get to know what we do, and you certainly have NEVER given me a reason to trust you. Not ever. So, you live with what you've got and stop asking for answers I don't have any intention of giving."

He looked at John for a moment longer before raising his hand and opening his comm back down to base.

"Tosh, we're going after these cluster bombs. Have you and the Doctor worked out locations for them yet?"


Jack listened calmly as Gwen plowed forward. He knew she was right about most of it. He knew she had a point. That didn’t change the fact that she needed to understand that there was a time and a place for expressing those things and that the way and the where which she had chosen were NOT acceptable. He pushed up from the desk and began to move toward her opening his mouth to tell her just that when the light flicker around them and seconds later the back up system, and there alarms kicked on.

Jack’s head jerked upward to stare at the redden ceiling above him as he keyed his com.

“Ianto?” nothing, just dead air.

“DAMNIT!” he barked.

He had his gun out even before he reached the door and pulled it open and was out of his office and rounding the corridor in a flash, gun pointed downward but at the ready. The sight laid out before his eyes made his blood run cold and then flash boil.

Holstering his weapon, he moved quickly to Ianto, his head moving from his archivist to the time agent. For a moment he looked like he was watching a tennis match then a wide grin broke over his features and he wrapped his arms around Ianto pulling him into a quick but crushing hug.

Detangling himself from Ianto he crouched down next to John, still grinning, and pulled the strap from his arm. “And here I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt and let you hang on to this.” he gave the offending object a little wiggle before passing it backward to Ianto.

“Also, Mr. I’m so smart, you’ve just put us into lockdown, we’re all stuck here for the next 6 hours unless Toshiko can override it.” He gave John a flick to the forehead and stood up, his face sobering.

“If your little antics cause any deaths…” he left the threat unfinished and flipped open his own wrist strap.

After a few button pushes of his own the alarms cut off and the coms hissed and came back to life. The entire hub was still bathed in the red glow.

“Can you fix it?” he asked Tosh.


"So, you and Jack are..?" Ianto asked

"History" Jack informed as he entered the room and strode toward John. "Ancient, dead, over and done, in the past."

He stopped so that he was standing over the other time agent and folded his arms over his chest. He was scowling and the lines in his face, neck and shoulders were hard and tense. He was not a happy man. Anyone with the people skills of a tea kettle could read the barely contained rage rippling under his skin.

"Getting the point or do I need to have Ianto fetch a thesaurus?" he didn't really give John time to answer before moving on.

"The only reason that you are here John is because you have information that will help this city. MY city. It has nothing to do with our previous personal entanglements. Make no mistake about that fact. I invite you into my home and what do you do? You attack my family. That's just rude." Jack shook his head disapprovingly and turned a moment to take in Ianto at the other end of the table.

His minds eye had a flash of John holding a gun train to Ianto's beautiful face and pulling the trigger. The line of his mouth pulled harder together and his head jerked back toward John. Along with his attention came his fist. It landed hard and square in John's face and sent the man, and the chair he was sitting in, crashing backward. Jack took a step up to John's head and pulled his gun, took aim at the man's face and cocked back the hammer.

"I told you what would happen if you touched him. Your only hope for that promise not to be fulfilled is to start talking," Jack seethed, "and you'd better make it good."

John smirked happily to himself when he heard Ianto's question. It seemed that he might have been getting under the man's skin. He was about to answer with some highly inappropriate regarding Jack and his past encounters when the love in question appeared in the room. History. John flinched slightly. It was obvious Jack was unhappy with him. He still wasn't sure why, and it angered him that Jack was writing off their past. They had been lovers. For quite a while if he remembered history correctly. His city, John scoffed rolling his eyes. Jack did not even belong here. Then, Jack had that look. That look which meant John was about to get punched in the face. And then he did.

"Oh please, Jack," John growled clutching his face. "I could careless about him. He just got in the way. Just like you are starting to do. If you remember correctly, you dragged me here. So maybe you should be the one to start talking Jack."

Jack's finger tensed on the trigger. Maybe John didn’t care about Ianto but Jack did. Jack did very, very much.

“Wrong answer.” the click of the hammer falling was followed quickly by the sound of Jack’s Webley firing.

The bullet broke through the floor just inches from John’s head. Jack pulled the barrel back in line with John’s face and recocked the hammer. “I’m not playing here John, try again."

"Wrong answer," John replied mockingly. The gun fired loudly in his ear, and he glared back at Jack. What the hell? That had almost gotten him. He knew Jack was angry, but killing him with a bullet to his head didn't seem the best way to solve this situation.

John lifted up slightly from the floor and pressed his forehead to the barrel of the gun. "Neither am I Jack," John smiled slightly. The fact that after all they had been through Jack no longer felt anything for him pained him a little, and his smile slowly subsided. "You can shoot me if you'd like then."

Jack’s lips pressed together even harder and he pressed forward with his gun on John’s forehead. He wanted to pull the trigger, get rid of John once and for all. He REALLY wanted to. But he couldn’t. It wasn’t who Jack was. Not anymore.

With a growl Jack uncocked the hammer on his weapon and slid it back into the holster. He reached down with both hands and hauled John, chair and all, upright. “What do you want John? Why are you here? It’s obviously not to help with this cluster bomb situation. You’re actions tell me that nice and clearly. So,” Jack squatted down, his hands pressing into John’s upper thighs for support, so that their faces where even, “tell me Captain, why are you here? Really?”

The sound of the weapon being released made him sigh slightly. Jack had looked like he was about to pull the trigger there for a moment, so when he didn't, John was slightly relieved. He had not come all this way to die at Jack's hands. Much the opposite. He looked back at Jack for a moment when he squatted down to face him without saying him. Jack Harkness was still as good-looking as ever. Slightly less attractive with this whole good-guy thing, but good-looking nevertheless.

"I told you the truth Jack," John said unwavering. "The cluster bombs." He paused for a moment before glancing in the direction of Ianto who wasn't saying anything. "The city's destruction maybe a little less high on my list of reason why I would like them found. That's all."

“If that’s true, then help me,” Jack squeezed down on the thighs beneath his hands a little too hard, “instead of going off, harassing my staff and making me very angry.”

Jack pushed himself up to his feet again and crossed his arms. “Next time you feel the urge for a random fit of violence, come see me. Until then, why don’t you tell me what you know about these bombs.”

"Well, you know, you did take my gun...guns," John replied matter-of factly. "So I was kind of pissed off about that." John was slightly more apologetic with Jack so close, smelling so good and distracting.

"By the way, I'd like my sword back and wristband. You have your own."

Jack laughed. A little too loudly. A little too harshly. “Do you really think I’m that stupid?”

Jack moved over to John bent slightly and untied the wrist that was tied with Ianto’s ties then to the other. He gave a wry smile as he took in the purple cuffs that held the other wrist. He reached out and gave the cuff a tug and twist, it popped open, releasing John’s hand. Jack stood and moved back to the table and leaned against it.

“I don’t think you’ll be getting any weapons just yet.”

Jack stupid? John shrugged slightly. It was beauty over brains for John, but in this case, John knew he was not getting his sword back until he gave Jack the information he wanted. He supposed he could not stall any longer.

"As long as I get them back then," John said with a wry smile. He was not sure how Jack would react to the fact that all of this disturbance was for a few Arcadian diamonds. Probably not well, and John winced slightly when he started speaking.

"The bombs contain the coordinates to some Arcadian diamonds," John finally said.

"It's what I hear. Could be a rumor," John feigned innocence. "You know me. I'm always up for a good treasure hunt."

For a moment Jack’s mouth fell open and hung there a moment, then it snapped shut and the thin lipped look returned.

“You... this...” Jack bit out through clenched teeth, his hands clenching and unclenching and shaking slightly at chest level. “DIAMONDS?!”

In two large, stomping steps, he was bent over in John’s face again. “DIAMONDS?! You came here, caused all this chaos for DIAMONDS?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!”

"Well, you know, I was going to give you one," John responded. Jack's voice was registering the upper stratosphere. He was not happy.

“Oh!” Jack pushed up and back again turning to face Gwen and Ianto, “he was going to give me one.” Jack laughed. “Well that makes it alright then.”

He turned back to John, reached out and grabbed hold of his jacket front with one hand, “Come here.” He hauled him up and dragged him toward the door, grabbed John’s wristband from Ianto on the way out.

They moved out into the hub proper, Jack still dragging John along. Jack paused long enough to take John’s tiny snub nosed revolver from the tray and then headed toward the hidden lift.

As they headed up toward the Plass Jack called down, “The Doctor and Ianto are in charge until I get back. Behave yourselves kids.”


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Application for Wonder Woman for "Year One"


Name: Wiccy
AIM/e-mail: - YIM Wiccanslyr - AIM Wiccanslyr

Please note in the below application I have taken the BILLIONS of bits and bobs of information and conflicting back stories, etc and condensed and arranged them into something that I think should work well for the purposes of this role play. Meaning what you see below may not follow what is currently understood as canon to the letter.


Civilian Identity

Name: Diana of Themyscira
Age/Date of Birth: 27 - October 21
Affiliation: The Island of Themyscira
Location: Boston
Occupation: Themyscirian Ambassador

Skills: Language, diplomacy, wisdom, and the ability to "compel and read" the truth.

Overview: Diana is the daughter of Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons of Themyscira, she was the first child born on Paradise Island. The Amazons are an immortal race of women who were created and bless by Greek goddesses.

Hippolyta, who had always wanted and prayed to have a daughter, was instructed to mold the clay of the Themyscirian island itself into the form of a baby girl. Once the clay had been molded occupants of Olympus gave it a soul and life. Thus Diana of Themyscira was born. Each of the Olympians also imparted the tiny new life with a gift from Demeter, great strength from Athena, wisdom and courage from Artemis, a hunter's heart and a communion with animals from Aphrodite, beauty and a loving heart from Hestia, sisterhood with fire and from Hermes, speed and the power of flight. Diana grew up surrounded by an island full of women, of sisters and mothers. She learned how to hunt, to fight, to share and she learned all of the ways of the Amazons and what it meant to be an Amazon in both ideals and deeds.

When she had grown into womanhood, it was decided that is was time for the Amazons to step back into "Patriarch's World", to help it learn, grow and embrace peace. To do this they decided they must choose and send an emissary.

A contest was to be held, to decide who was best fit to carry the Amazonian message. Queen Hippolyta forbade Diana from participating. Disobeying her mother Diana disguised herself and entered anyway. Diana won the contest, proving herself to be the best choice and, much to her mother's chagrin was named the Amazon's champion and emissary.


Alter Ego

Name: Wonder Woman
Affiliation: The Island of Themyscira
Base of Operations: Themyscirian Embassy, The Island of Themyscira


Superhuman Strength: Granted by Demeter. She is strong enough to lift well over 100 tons with ease. She is quite possibly capable of lifting anything on Earth. She has godlike strength and also invulnerability due to her aegis-made shield magic bracelets. Wonder Woman's strength is second only to that of Superman and Captain Marvel.

Superhuman Durability: Granted by Demeter. High resistance to damage and magical attacks. Her resistance to injury is not quite as great that of Superman but her vast threshold for pain and her amazon ability to heal at a superhuman rate, this easily makes up for the difference. She has considerable resistance to human weaponry. She can easily survive under extreme pressures, cold and heat. She is far-less susceptible to manipulation by magic and mental attack than many of her fellow heroes. She can also survive in extreme environments for extended periods of time such as that of outer space.

Superhuman Speed: Granted by Hermes. She is able to think, react and move at superhuman speeds. Her super-speed, while impressive, is not comparable to that of the Flash.

Superhuman Reflexes: Granted by Hermes. Wonder Woman possesses reflex abilities somewhere in the range of 15 to 20 times normal human reflexes with little concentration.

Superhuman Agility: Wonder Woman's agility is far beyond that of even an Olympic level athlete. As is her balance and coordination.

Superhuman Stamina: Wonder Woman can last a great deal of time in any fight and with virtually anyone.

Flight: Granted by Hermes. Wonder Woman is capable of unassisted flight. Her aerial maneuverability is not as developed as aerial combatants such as Hawkman but she is still a relatively capable aerial combatant as well. Wonder woman is capable of flying at speeds of at least earth's orbital velocity (5 miles a second) and even escape velocity. Her top speed is about half the speed of light.

Enhanced Healing Factor: Granted by Demeter. Like the Earth, Diana is constantly renewing herself, allowing her to quickly heal at an amazing rate. Her normal regenerative abilities allow her to recover from injury within seconds to minutes. She possesses an incredible immunity from poisons, toxins, as well as disease.

Master Combatant: Diana is the finest warrior ever born among the Amazons. She is a master of armed and unarmed combat, proficient with nearly every weapon ever made and the exotic martial arts styles of the Amazons. She is also highly experienced in battling foes who use magic as a weapon.

Master Tactician and Strategist: Diana is also an accomplished strategist and tactician, trained in the arts of leadership, persuasion and diplomacy, and possesses a great deal of courage as well. She is a gifted leader.

Empathy: Granted by Athena. "The Sight of Athena" grants her increased insight. Most forms of mind control will not work on her. She can also detect other people's emotions. High-level telepaths would be unable to read her mind or attack her in such a manner.

Animal Rapport: Granted by Artemis. Ability to communicate with all forms of animals and her presence alone can bring a raging beast to a calm standstill.

Enhanced Senses: Granted by Artemis. Eyesight, hearing, taste, touch and smell.

* Superhuman Sight: She also possess the "Hunters Eye" which allows her to always hit her mark. She can see at far greater distances than any normal human.
* Enhanced Smell
* Enhanced Hearing

Multi-lingual: Diana has exhibited heightened proficiency with languages, being able to speak her native Themysciran, Ancient and Modern Greek, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Mandarin Chinese, Russian and Hindi.

Wisdom: Granted by Athena. Diana possesses great wisdom and intelligence.

Aviation: Expert pilot.

Expert Lasso Wielder: Can use the Lasso of Truth as an offensive and defensive weapon.


Build Disadvantage: Her height and weight make her vulnerable attacks that cannot be dodged or blocked and that potentially move her from location to location. Repulsion technology might be an efficient means of attacking and partially subduing her since she cannot block area effect attacks.

Piercing Weapon Vulnerability: Diana is extremely durable and has a vast tolerance for pain. However, Wonder Woman is some-what vulnerable to piercing weapons.

Energy Vulnerability: She is vulnerable to extremely high electrical and energy attacks.

Too Compassionate: Sometimes Diana exhibits too much restraint. This has even put her life in danger on occasion. The value she places on all human life, in her line of work is very much a weakness.

Self Doubt: While Diana usually believes in herself and her mission she is not immune to doubting herself and her actions when things go wrong or people die due to something she did or was involved in.

Naivety: Being raised away from "man's world" under the shelter of Paradise Island has left Diana ill prepared for certain "evils" she will face and she is sometimes far too trusting.

Equipment: Lasso of Truth, Boomerang Tiara, Invisible Jet, Indestructible Gauntlets, wide and varied range of Themysciran weaponry.

Overview: Before embarking on her mission, Diana was given; the Lasso of Truth, an unbreakable rope forged by Hephestus himself which compels those ensnared in it to tell the truth, the Sandals of Mercury, which allowed her great speed and a uniform fashioned from the standard of someone who had visited the island a few decades earlier.

Diana's mission was one of peace.

Diana ventured into the world starting at Boston. There she met a Harvard professor, Dr. Julia Kapatelis, and her daughter, Vanessa Kapatelis. Diana stayed with Julia and Vanessa and over a couple of months time learned to speak English.

Not long after she was attacked by Decay, a minion of Ares. When their battle spilled out into the streets of Boston she first came to the attention of the public and was given the name Wonder Woman.

Soon it was discovered that Ares had a plan to destroy the world and Diana knew that she had to stop him. By battling through his sons Phobos and Deimos and ultimately convincing him of the error of his ways with the the help of the Lasso Diana managed to foil the God of War.

Now returned to her new home, she has found that her mission needs to expand to not only teaching the people of man's world but to helping to keep them safe as well. To aide her in this new version of her mission Wonder Woman agreed to hire Myndi Mayer to be her publicist. This would help to get her image and her message out to the world at large. She spent the next several months touring the world, conducting interviews, foiling evil plots and learning a lot about this world she was now a part of. She also met most of the Justice League, and after meeting Superman she realized that she was instantly enamored with him.

She currently seems to be viewed by the general populace as amazing, powerful and, like Superman a protector of the high ideals of truth, justice and light.


Character Connections:

Donna Troy, Dr. Julia Kapatelis, Vanessa Kapatelis, most of the JLA

PB: Minka Kelly


(please note that I would probably use the following as my intro post for the game)

If she was being truly honest, she would have to admit that flight was her favorite of the gifts with which she had been blessed. There was nothing like soaring through the clouds, racing eagles and performing tight aerial figure eights to relieve the stress of the day or to prompt happiness, thought and a sense of freedom. In flight one could even rise above the rain, the very thunder of Zeus himself.

Diana smiled at that thought. Oh, how the mighty Zeus would rage at the knowledge of her having had such a thought and oh how Lady Hera would quietly laugh.

She shook her head as she pulled back on her forward momentum and came to a rest, hovering far above her adopted city of Boston. Behind her, the sun was setting causing the city to twinkle and glow with the pinks and oranges of twilight colors. This was an in between time in the city. In between the day, when all the average, law abiding citizens went about their routines and the night which saw their not so average and not so law abiding counterparts coming out to carry on their business and shady dealings.

Occasionally those nighttime beings would venture out into the light of day, hoping to catch the element of surprise. However, they would always find themselves unsuccessful in their tasks. Diana was just as vigilant when the sun was up as she was when the Gods put it to rest at night. Boston was Wonder Woman's Metropolis. Her city, her adopted home and the place she protected above all others save for Themyscira.

This twilight hour was and in between time for Diana too, a time when, unless she had been called upon for more heroic tasks, she shook off the pressures of politics and diplomacy and interviews and prepared herself for the more straight forward battles against the evil roaming Patriarch's world.

Something else that she had discovered about herself in recent months, with all her exploits with the Gods and some of the members of the Justice League, was that, despite being here on a mission of peace and teaching, she reveled in those battles. She supposed, when she stopped to think about it, that the love of battle was, very literally in her blood. She was, above all, Amazon and Amazon's even in their embracing of peace and paradise are warriors to their very cores. It was more than just that, however, she also like to see the physical proof that she was making a difference here. That she was walking the path set to her by her mission, her people and her Gods. She liked to think that maybe, she was making them proud.

She wondered as she floated there, looking down over the city, what her fellow heroes would think of that, if she were to share her thoughts with them. Would they be shocked, turn away from her in disgust, or would they too admit to having similar feelings and bond with her more fully in understanding?

Her thoughts were interrupted as a plaintiff cry wafted up to her from the rapidly darkening streets below. The time for contemplation was over, it seemed, and the time for action was at hand. With the grace of an Olympic athlete Diana pushed against some invisible barrier only she could touch and dove, with all speed toward the sounds of distress that called out for Wonder Woman.


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Just... watch...

There are no words for this. I don't even know what the hell it is. Just know that it is like a train wreck, once you see it you can't look away.

Blame [info]narco for this one...

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I've created this Journal to cover any possible fandom migration from LJ. Stay tuned for more.